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  • Thu

    Silent Preached Retreat

    Living Prayer

    Fr Pat Collins, CM

    In his classic book entitled Prayer Friedrich Heiler stated, “Religious persons and students of religion agree in testifying that prayer is the centre of religion, the soul of all piety. . .  Without prayer faith remains a theoretical conviction; worship is only an external and formal act; moral action is without spiritual depth; people remain at a distance from God; an abyss yawns between the finite and the Infinite.” In this retreat Fr. Pat Collins, C.M., who is the author of a number of books on prayer  will explore different aspects of the subject such as “Praying as Jesus Prayed,” “The festal shout of Praise and Thanksgiving,” “Intercession in the Spirit,” “Lectio Divina and Contemplation,” “Listening to God,” “Receiving Guidance in Prayer,”  “Prayer and Praxis” and “Praying at all Times.” There will be two talks a day, an optional Bible study, and a homily during the Eucharist. There will also be other optional activities, e.g. watching a movie.


    Pat Collins C.M., M.A., STL a  Vincentian, has been a teacher, missioner and lecturer. He   helped to establish the Alpha course in Ireland, is a founder member of the New Springtime Community in Dublin, and is an international speaker. He has written  a number of books on prayer, such as Prayer in Practice (Columba: Dublin, 2000); Preparing to Pray (Dublin: Columba, 2004) and Guided by God: Ordinary and Charismatic Ways of Discovering God’s Will (Luton: New Life, 2015). His latest books   Encountering Jesus: New Evangelisation in Practice;  and Prophecy: Truth for Today, Light for Tomorrow are due to be published in 2017.