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Welcome to the Kairos Centre website. On the website we hope you will be able to find much of the information needed for a pleasant stay with us. If you cannot find answers to all of your questions please do not hesitate to contact us . There is a link to our email address on the bottom left side of the page

Inspired by God’s love we the Kairos team,
offer to all who come here hospitality and spirituality in a prayerful, peaceful environment.
We aim to be at the service of all,
gracious to guests and visitors,
compassionate to anyone in need,
while valuing the dignity and worth of each person.

The Kairos Centre would like to warmly invite you to share times of prayer and reflection with us. We are keen to be an urban oasis where, together, we can respond to the Lord's invitation to "come and rest a while."

---Last updated December 2016 (c)

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“The road to our pearl of great price, to sit with Mary at the feet of Jesus, is full of obstacles, which is problematic when deep prayer requires us to seek a profound inner stillness. Like tuning in a radio, we want to get beyond the cackles and the fuzziness that so often fills our minds. We want to come to a clarity, a rest, a stillness. It has commonly been the practise of Christians to seek this quiet and stillness by coming apart, retreating to a place of peace and focus. This flight into solitude creates an atmosphere conducive to the prayer we seek.”
From: Considering the Jesus Prayer by Fr Bruce Batstone, CJN (used with permission)

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