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Retreat Leaflet 2020

Preached Silent Retreat

Start date: 6th October 2020

End date: 13th October 2020

Led by Bishop John Crowley
A preached silent retreat entitled, Sabbath, “Come away by yourselves to a lonely place, and rest awhile” Mark 6:31. Take time to renew yourself. On the 7th day, God rested. God commands us to rest too! Sabbath requires that we examine what renews us and what we need to step away from to make space for renewal. Sabbath is a way of finding balance by building regular rest, recreation and time away into the schedule.

Preached Silent Retreat

Start date: 14th October 2020

End date: 21st October 2020

Led by Fr Matthew Devereux LC
My Desire for a Deeper Prayer Life – a retreat based on reflections concerning what we need to do to answer the natural and innate desire within us for a deeper union and prayer life with Our Lord

Advent Triduum Retreat

Start date: 30th November 2020

End date: 4th December 2020

Led by Fr Michael Beattie SJ

Advent Triduum Retreat

Start date: 7th December 2020

End date: 11th December 2020

Led by Bishop John Crowley

Preached Retreat

Start date: 4th October 2021

End date: 11th October 2021

Led by Fr Kevin Duffy CM We explore the spiritual significance of an ancient, but neglected, title for Jesus – the Sun of Justice. The retreat focuses on the physical sun and natural sunlight as revealed symbols of God and…