The Chapel

chapel-websiteOur large Chapel was blessed and opened on 25th March 1939.

The words underneath the stained glass windows behind the High Altar are “God loved the World so much that he gave his only Son, that everyone who has faith in him may not die but have eternal life.” Jn. 3 V16.

The panelling of alabaster etc. at the back of the altar and around the Sanctuary was put up in 1949-1950 as a “Thanksgiving Offering” for our preservation during the London  bombing and especially on the night of the burning February 4th1944.

On September 24th 1959 the precious remains of our Foundress – Frances Taylor – were removed from Mortlake Cemetery to the Chapel on the anniversary of the very day ninety years before, when she founded the Congregation in 1869. The wooden canopy over her tomb reflects her courage and fortitude and the stained glass windows show her main devotions – The Sacred Heart Pleading (Heb.7 V25 ) and The Annunciation to Our Lady (Lk. 1 V26). They were designed by Daniel and Deborah Burke and blessed by Bishop John Crowley 24th September 2009.

After Vatican 2 the altar for Mass had to be erected to face the people. Every bit of the old altar was carefully undone and replaced again in the new design which was passed by Archbishop Cowderoy. The work was done by Gunnings of Dublin in October 1968.

Notes taken from The Property Book of the Congregation, Wandsworth Heritage Service, Battersea Library, Articles from Wandsworth Borough News 1926, The Memories of the Sisters.
Sr. Maria St. Joseph S.M.G. (Catherine O’Rourke) , June 2014