Catholic Spirituality Network Conference

In a Year’s Turning – Four seasons of Spiritual Growth

In the Bible spiritual growth is likened to the natural development processes of plants, and the part played by gardeners, whether human or divine. In a Year’s Turning will explore four recurring movements of this growth:
Becoming rooted and grounded in God
Emerging into being in response to God’s invitation
Struggling towards abundance through resistance
Bearing fruit and being willing to fall
These four are movements, not stages. They are seasons that meet us afresh within a lifetime of growing, stirring us once more into abundant life.

Jesus, the teller of parables, invites us to hold the  mystery of creation in mind and heart, like seed in the hand of a sower. ‘Look’, he says. ‘See what happens if you are grounded in God’s good soil. Behold the  wonder of who you are and what you might become.’

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