30 Day Spiritual Exercises Retreat

From 01 February to 5th March 2018 we will offer the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius  as a 30 day retreat. The cost for this retreat is £1,920 in an en-suite room and a full board basis. A non-refundable deposit of £200 is required to secure your place on the retreat. Bursaries may be available; please contact us for further information.

The 30-Day Retreat is a form of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. This retreat will help a person who wants to grow in union with God as a disciple of Jesus Christ and discern their call in life.  The retreat, in the form of meditation and contemplations, is rooted in traditional Christian practice and in the scriptures.  Four hours each day is the usual pattern, together with reflection periods to take note of what is happening.

The retreat is currently restricted to three participants and they will stay in our Bungalow on the grounds of the retreat centre.

Applicants are expected to have made at least one eight-day silent directed retreat, be currently in spiritual direction, engage in regular prayer, be comfortable using Scripture in their prayer, and be capable of maintaining the silence that is important for this retreat.

In addition to completing the Individual Booking Form, please provide the following:

Names of two people who will be able to provide references as to your suitability to enter into the 30 day Retreat, one of the references must be from your Spiritual Director.

A typed autobiographical sketch telling us about the important persons and events in your life and your faith journey. This will help us to know you better, and understand your desire to make this retreat at this time. In your autobiographical sketch please address the following:

Who is God for you?

How have your knowledge of/relationship with God evolved over time?

By what names/images do you know or call-upon God?

By what names/images does God know or call upon you?

If you were able to see yourself as God sees you, whom does God see?

Retreatants should plan to arrive in time for dinner (6pm) on Wednesday 01 February. There will be an orientation meeting and social after dinner. The next day will be “free” so that you can settle in, relax, pick up things you may have forgotten to pack, and become familiar with the local area. The retreat begins after dinner on 02 February, and ends with Liturgy and lunch on Sunday 4th March. Retreatants are expected to be available for the entire period. Travel and other plans should be made with this expectation in mind. Retreatants can stay until the morning of the 5th March.

If you feel called to enter into a Ignatian Retreat please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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