waterfallIn the first instance please contact the Kairos Centre to discuss availability.  We can only confirm bookings on receipt of the appropriate booking form along with any deposit and additional documents that may be required.

As of 2016 we have a policy of asking for a minimum of two night stays for individuals coming on retreat. For private retreats of three nights or less we ask for bed & breakfast payment in advance as a deposit.

Due to the high demand for reservations at the Kairos Centre, we do not take provisional bookings and cannot reserve meeting rooms or accommodation without a completed booking form and deposit.  A deposit is usually 25% of the overall booking cost but can be negotiated.

Below you will find all of the documents needed to make a booking at the Kairos Centre as an individual on one of our retreats, on a private retreat or if you are booking on behalf of a group.

In making a booking with the Kairos Centre you are agreeing to comply with our Health & Safety requirements and our Terms and Conditions of service.

Booking forms will need to be completed and saved before returning by email.

Individual Booking Form                       Group Booking Form       

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Room Allocation Form                          Directions to the Kairos Centre     Emergency Planning for group reservations