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Event Information:

  • Spirituality

    “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” (John 1:14)

     Our Mission Statement

    Inspired by God’s love we,
    the Kairos Team,
    offer to all who come here
    hospitality and spirituality
    in a prayerful, peaceful environment.

    We aim to be at the service of all,
    gracious to guests and visitors,
    compassionate to anyone in need,
    while valuing the dignity and worth
    of each person.

    Our Objectives

    • To welcome anyone who needs to come apart, to Retreat or for whatever reason, to a place of quiet peace, harmony and hospitality conducive to rest, contemplation, personal growth and development.
    • To endeavour to support individuals or groups by offering a variety of spiritual direction, retreats, workshops or courses.
    • To offer organisations a place of quality, an urban oasis in which to share ideas and ideals, in such a way that a deepened awareness might lead to positive attitudes in promoting individual dignity and growth; thus promoting team building and assisting in the fulfilment of each person’s potential.