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Event Information:

  • Tue

    Rescheduled - Elemental Spirituality- Earth, Wind, Fire & Water

    Kairos Centre

    Led by Ruth Scott

    This Retreat will be transferred to the 2018 Programme.

    Earth, air, fire and water all appear in Biblical tradition. The writers use them in different ways to explore the experiences and encounters of ‘being’ and ‘Being’: the deep, dark womb-like places from which life comes over and over again and to which it returns; the breath of God which inspires and scares in equal measure; the flame-dancing Spirit that comforts, challenges and changes those who feel the heat; the waters of restoration which sometimes threaten to overwhelm yet often produce riches from the depths. Some of these energies we identify with more than others, or connect with at different times.

    Through silence, image, word, music and art, this retreat offers the opportunity to work imaginatively with these four elements, to play with them and pray through them, and to further the inner conversation faith opens up in our hearts and minds. Each talk begins with a poem by R. S. Thomas to help focus attention more deeply on the unfolding themes. The opportunity to explore through, painting and clay-sculpting will be present throughout the retreat in the art room for those who want to explore beyond words.